The Top 5 Things You Need For the Duck Blind -Duck Hunting Gear

Even if you have one of the best duck hunting blinds out there, chances are there are still many things you will need to pack and bring with you when you go duck hunting. There are many different things to consider when packing your gear, even what you are packing and carrying your gear with. Besides clothing, you need to make sure you have some of the right gear in order to be more comfortable and hunt ducks efficiently and this should be on your list of essential duck hunting gear.

Whether that is clothing items, blind accessories, duck hunting gloves, or even electronics, there are plenty of items that can help make a hunt more enjoyable. Here is our list for five of the top things you need to bring with you to the duck blind:

1. Headlamp 12000 Lumen Ultra Bright CREE LED Work Headlight

Getting to and from your hunting blind is super important, and being able to see clearly will go a long way in ensuring no trips or falls. Headlamps are a staple in hunting, and one of the best ones out there is the 12000 Lumen Ultrabright CREE LED headlamp. This headlamp is one of the brightest on the market, and will quite literally light up the night when you turn it on. It includes 5 bright Cree led lights, and all of these provide an amazing 12000 lumen.

The light head is fully adjustable of 90 degrees, allowing you to have an ergonomic design at any angle you may need. The elastic straps are super comfortable and you won’t even notice this headlamp even after hours of wearing it. This light has four modes for plenty of uses. Whether you prefer to use the lowest, most focused setting, the wider and splashier medium, and high modes, or the bright emergency-ready strobe light, this movable led headlight is prepared to adjust to a full range of lighting needs. This light comes at an affordable price is perfect for waterfowl hunters that need to see everything. According to our 100k+ Facebook followers, this is a “must have” duck hunting accessory. Cheapest place to grab them is Amazon.

2 . Landing Gear Waterfowl Backpack

One of the most important accessories when going to the duck blind is having something to comfortably carry all of your gear with. The Landing Gear Waterfowl Backpack was specifically designed for waterfowl hunters and is everything a duck hunter could ever want in a backpack. This backpack will allow you to comfortably haul your gear and decoys to and from the field, and even includes a detachable mesh decoy bag to help carry the load.

There are multiple pockets and compartments for plenty of extra storage and organization. Extra thought was given to every detail to this bag, including padded shoulder straps, chest strap, and belt. The bottom of this bag is made up of a dense EVA molded weatherproof material and is great for the muddy marsh and wet boat bottoms. Off of the sides, there are detachable bird carrier loops with quick-release metal hooks to help carry birds back home. This waterfowl backpack was made and designed with the waterfowl hunter in mind, and it is probably one of the most recommended pieces of gear for duck hunters.

This is a solid duck hunting backpack that will make it easy to get your gear in and out of the blind, boat, etc. Another ‘must have’ duck hunting accessory.

3. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Pattern Deluxe Neoprene Hand Warmer

Let’s face it, most of the time while you are waterfowl hunting it is extremely cold outside. Equipping yourself with the proper gear is essential for not only staying warm and safe but also to be comfortable and hunt more efficiently. One great piece of gear that can help you stay warm and ready for when the ducks come close is the Mossy Oak Deluxe Neoprene Hand Warmer. This will help keep your hands warm and ready for when you need them.

While most people would say there is nothing special about a hand warmer, but this one is very different. Another piece of gear that was designed for waterfowl hunters specifically, this neoprene hand warmer features 10 external shell holders, a zippered storage pocket, a lined hand warming pocket, snap-on clips, and three internal choke tube pouches. Not only will this give you extra space to store some gear, it will keep your hands nice and warm on cold mornings in the blind.

If you’ve spent countless hours in the blind like us, you’d consider this hand warmer essential duck hunting gear.

4. DynoGoods Slip Knot Paracord Game and Duck Carrier

Another important piece of gear is a game carrier once you have had a successful hunt. The DynoGoods Game Carrier makes it easy to collect and haul your birds in after a good hunt and is one of the best on the market. This game carrier also provides a great way to display your birds for taking memorable pictures after a successful hunt in addition to being an efficient way to carry them.

Because of the construction of this carrier and its quality paracord, it is built to last hunt after hunt and will last you a lifetime. A game carrier is yet another essential piece of gear that can come in handy since you only have two hands and hopefully you have a successful hunt with multiple birds to take home.

5. Decoy Gloves by Glacier Glove – Duck Hunting Gloves

Most waterfowl hunters will hunt with decoys, and this can present a problem when placing or retrieving decoys in super cold water. This is where a product such as the decoy gloves by Glacier Glove can be worth their weight in gold. This is an elbow length decoy glove that allows you to place and retrieve decoys in cold water thanks to its 2mm neoprene that keeps your hands and forearms warm and dry.

These gloves are fleece lined and incredibly warm and feature a seamless design to keep it very durable. They also have an enhanced grip on the hands to keep you from slipping and sliding while grabbing anything, especially decoys. For hunters that want to avoid freezing cold water and cold hands, these are the gloves you need to bring with you on any hunt. Waterfowl hunters with especially large decoy spreads will really appreciate the attention to detail given to these fantastic gloves, and they come at a great price as well.

These are widely considered the best duck hunting gloves available today.

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