Top 5 Best Hunting Knives

A good knife is not only hard to find, but it is also one of the most important tools that an outdoorsman can have. Once you find a good one that you like, it can last you for years. There is no one size fits all perfect knife, as everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

Hunting knives, in general, are all pretty useful, and a lot less prone to the problems of other hunting and outdoor gear. There is usually no wasted parts or pieces, and everything in them has a purpose. When choosing a knife, it is important to consider the user and their intentions when looking for the right knife. Here we have a list of some of the best knives on the market

1 . Buck Knives 110BRS

Buck Knives have been around for a while, and are very well known and loved. The Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife is everything that the company is known for and is the epitome of a great multipurpose knife. It features a 3 ¾ inch steel chip blade and has a closed length of 4 ⅞ inches. This knife is incredibly light and easily weighs in at under a half a pound at 7.2 ounces.

Another great aspect of Buck knives is their lifetime warranty, so if you did manage to somehow break or damage your knife in any way, you can easily have it repaired at no cost. You will not go wrong with any Buck Knife, but this is a great all-around option for a knife that can do just about anything you would need it to. .

2. Benchmade 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter

Benchmade is another great company that is known for its super practical and durable blades. The Hidden Canyon Hunter is an all-purpose knife and one of the smaller fixed blade hunting knives on the market. It has an overall length of 6.32 inches, with the blade measuring 2.67 inches in length. While it may be smaller, the strength and durability of this blade are proven thanks to its premium stainless steel.

This knife is super handy and control is not an issue despite its size and offers a full range of movement. The handle of this knife is made of a durable and moisture resistant Dymondwood which also gives it a great look. For someone looking for a small and lightweight fixed blade, this is the knife for you. Benchmade is a popular brand and is only gaining in popularity every single year, and there is a reason that their products are so well-loved.

3.Puma SGB Skinner Stag Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

Another fixed blade hunting knife, the Puma has a 4.7-inch blade and is 9.4 inches in total length. This is a great knife in terms of durability and quality. This knife has a beautiful design that features stag scales and is handmade by a professional craftsman. The blade is made using 440A German steel which is very high quality and still only weighs half a pound at 8.8 ounces.

Included with the knife is a beautiful leather sheath that is tanned with a brown aniline finish. From the blade to the stag handles, and brass guards and pins, this knife is one of the most good looking knives out on the market today. Every piece of this knife is very high quality and Puma has been known to keep very high standards as far back as their beginnings in 1968.

4. Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto Plain Edge 29TXCT

This knife not only has a cool name, but the design is very unique as well. The Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto Plain Edge 29TXCT has a blade with a thickness of 4mm and a length of 5.5 inches. These combine to create a 6.5-ounce package that will always be ready whenever you need it. The overall length of the knife when it is unfolded is 12 ¼ inches long, which makes for a great hunting knife.

On top of being very practical, it is very strong and comes in at a great price for the quality it comes with. All parts are hand fitted and laser-cut, making everything work together flawlessly. The durability and features of this knife, when compared to other knives of the same size, are outstanding. This knife is a great option for outdoorsmen who want a good knife at a good price, as well as a knife with a larger blade to it.

5. Schrade 165OT Old Timer Fixed Blade

The least expensive option on this list, the Schrade Old Timer can be bought for less than a tank of gas in your car and still last you a long time. It has a fixed high carbon stainless steel blade and comes included with a limited lifetime warranty. It comes in at 9 ½ inches of total length and comes included with a sheath.

It has a slightly surprising bit of weight to it at 9.6 ounces, so it is a hefty knife capable of hard jobs. The handle will fit larger hands very well, and this knife is perfect for skinning, preparation, and even general use. The blade is very sharp and can be made even sharper if need be. This is a great knife for the price and by far the best option for any hunter on a tight budget.

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