Light the Fire: Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 Outdoor Entertaining at Home

Solo Stove Yukon Review

Yukon Solo Stove Review – Is The Solo Stove Yukon Worth It?

With fall right around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about your backyard setup. A fire pit is an excellent addition to any backyard hangout and the Yukon Solo Stove is one of the best options out there.  It doesn’t matter if you searched “Solo Stove Yukon Review”, “Yukon Fire Pit Reviews”, “Solo Yukon Review”, or “Yukon Review Newspaper”, then you’re in the right spot for the good, bad, and ugly of these Solostove fire pits.

The Yukon Solo Stove is a large-scale version of the smaller Solo Stove designs. Smaller Solo Stoves use airflow through the bottom to efficiently burn small twigs and sticks when camping or backpacking. The efficient design allows the stove to burn with no smoke. The Yukon uses this same design but on a much larger scale and is considered the large Solo Stove. At 30 inches wide at the base and 16 inches tall, the Yukon efficiently burns full-sized pieces of firewood. With the Solo Stove Yukon fire pit, you can sit back and enjoy a smoke-free evening around the campfire.

Here Are A Couple Reasons Consumers Are Initially Hesitant

When Look At The Yukon Solo

1. Limited cooking area: The Solo Stove Yukon’s relatively small cooking area can make it difficult to prepare multiple items at the same time.
2. Difficulty controlling heat: The Solo Stove Yukon’s lack of temperature regulating features makes it difficult to control the heat output and cook food evenly.
3. Time consuming setup: Owing to its design, users may need extra time to set up the stove correctly before they can begin cooking with it.
4. Maintenance requirements: Cleaning and upkeep of the Solo Stove Yukon is essential for optimal performance, which requires additional effort from the user.
5. Heavyweight portability: At 8lbs, the weight of this stove can be challenging for those looking for a more portable option when camping outdoors or tailgating.

Our Customers Found These Things To Love About Yukon

  • Enjoy entertaining outdoors with the Solo Stove Yukon – its efficient design allows for a smokeless fire, so you can host your guests even in windy or confined spaces.
  • Create a beautiful ambiance for your outdoor gatherings with the Solo Stove Yukon’s eye-catching stainless steel design and large flame display.
  • The sturdy construction of the Solo Stove Yukon will provide years of reliable use – perfect for those who frequently entertain outside!
  • Get more out of your fire pit experience with the Solo Stove Yukon’s unique double-wall construction which maximizes airflow to create an incredibly hot and efficient burn that uses less fuel than traditional wood burning pits.
  • Easily transport your fire pit wherever you go – the light weight and compact size of the Solo Stove Yukon makes it perfect for camping trips, tailgating events, beach bonfires, and more!
  • Make clean up after an evening around a campfire easy with no ashes left behind from using the Solo Stove Yukon – just let the embers die down and store away until next time!
  • Spend more time enjoying yourself around a warm fire instead of constantly tending to it – thanks to its air injection technology, the Solo Stove Yukon requires minimal tending as compared to other fire pits on the market today!
  • Keep everyone safe with no sparks flying away from your campfire due to its top-down burning process – this also keeps any nearby furniture or fabric safe from any errant flames or heat damage!
  • Light up your night quickly and easily – never worry about having trouble getting a flame started again when using this user friendly outdoor fire pit solution!
  • With no need for extra supplies like lighter fluid or newspaper needed to start a fire, you can save money over time by using only natural tinder ( sticks and logs) when firing up your solo stove yukon each time!

Where to buy the Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 –

The Best Places To Get The Solo Bonfire

The Solo Stove brand is typically carried at Solo Stove dealers like REI or other small business gear retailers; hardware stores like Home Depot and Ace; and outdoor living stores like pool, spa and patio retailers. The Solo Stove website has a dealer locator to find retail stores that carry Solo Stove in your area. Of course, you can always shop on the buy Solo Stove website directly.   The reality is, there are plenty of places to find the solo stove for sale below is an up to date list of places we’ve found.

Here’s a list of Solo Stove Yukon sales we know of right now where you can get the best deals on Yukon Stove for sale (be sure to check back as we update this list often):

How to use the Solo Stove Yukon

The Yukon Solo Stove is really easy to use and requires almost no assembly out of the box. Make sure you set the stove on a surface you’re not worried about burning or melting. A dirt patch or stone patio is a good surface option. If you do want to put the stove on a deck, the stand is sold separately. It’s never a bad idea to add some bricks or other heat resistant surface between the base of your Solo Stove and patio. Avoid putting the stove in tall grass or below hanging trees that may easily catch fire.

How to light the Solo Stove Yukon

Light the Yukon Solo Stove as you would any other fire. Start with small kindling and consider using a fire starter, newspaper or something else that will catch easily. When the kindling begins to burn, add a few larger pieces on top, building up slowly to full-sized logs. At first, your fire might be a bit smoky as the logs begin to catch and the stove heats up. Once the fire reaches full temperature, you’ll notice the flames coming out of the holes around the rim of the Solo Stove and the smoke has disappeared. Due to its large size, the Yukon Solo Stove takes about 20 minutes and a lot of wood to get going. You can expect to put 8 to 10 logs in when getting the fire going. Be careful as the entire Solo Stove gets very hot while in use.

Solo Stove Yukon

How to empty solo stove Yukon

Allow the fire to burn out on its own and cool completely before handling. Once you fire is completely cool, turn the Solo Stove upside down to empty the ashes. Because the Solo Stove burns so efficiently, you’re only left with a small amount of fine ash. You can also purchase the Solo Stove ash vacuum sold separately. If you need to, you can wipe out any remaining debris with a damp towel.

How to clean Solo Stove Yukon

Over time, your Solo Yukon Stove will acquire a blue and gold tint. This heat tint is completely normal to happen to stainless steel under intense heat thanks to the efficiency of the Solo Stove. Solo stove discoloration is completely normal according to the manufacturer.  To clean your Solo Stove all you need to do is empty the ashes once the stove has cooled. You can then wipe out the stove with a damp cloth. If you want you can clean the heat tint, though this is not necessary. There are several different home methods and chemicals that can remove the discolored heat tint.  When it comes to how to clean Yukon Solo Stove, there’s several ways to do it that are safe for you and the stove.

Does Solo Stove Cover Yukon come with a cover

The Yukon Solo Stove does not come with a cover, but you can buy a Solo Stove cover sold separately. Solo Stove does not recommend you store the Yukon outside without appropriate protection from the elements. The Solo Stove Yukon Shelter can protect your stove to be kept outside.

Here’s a Solo Stove Bonfire Protective cover we found online:

Solo Stove Cover here…

Is Solo Stove Yukon worth it – Is Solo Stove Worth it?

If you enjoy hosting parties our hanging out with family around the fire, then the Yukon Solo Stove is worth it. You can gather with friends around all sides of the fire and not have to worry about smoke. It’s often the debate we get asked about a bonfire vs Yukon. The Yukon can burn full-sized firewood so you’re able to get a big, hot fire going quickly. When you’re done, all that remains in the Solo Stove is fine ash since the fire burns so efficiently. This smokeless fire pit is a great addition to your backyard set up.

Yukon Solo Stove would also be great for van or RV life if it wasn’t so heavy. The stove weighs 45 pounds and is best if moved by two people due to its large awkward size. The Yukon Solo Stove allows you to have a campfire no matter where you camp. You don’t have to worry about building a fire ring or leaving a burn scar on the ground.

The stainless-steel construction of the Yukon Smokeless fire pit makes it built to last. Though over time, the stainless-steel will become discolored due to the heat tint but the stove will still function just the same. Make sure you store your Solo Stove inside to protect it from the elements and dry to prevent rust. You can expect this stove to last you a long time with proper care.

If you like entertaining with big bonfires, the Yukon is for you. Step up your backyard entertainment this summer with this one of a kind, smoke-free, efficient burning fire pit from Solo Stove.

And that wraps up our Solo Stove Bonfire Review.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Feel free to check out our FAQs we’ve been putting together based on questions we get all the time.

Solo Stove REI Smokeless Fire Pit FAQ’s

Q: What is the Solo Stove Yukon?

A: The Solo Stove Yukon is an outdoor fire pit designed to provide a clean burning, smokeless flame that is ideal for outdoor entertaining.

Q: How does the Solo Stove Yukon work?

A: The Solo Stove Yukon utilizes a double-wall design that creates air flow and primary and secondary combustion, resulting in a hotter and more efficient burn than other fire pits.

Q: What benefits does the Solo Stove Yukon offer compared to traditional fire pits?

A: The Solo Stove Yukon offers many advantages over traditional fire pits including improved heat efficiency, reduced smoke output, less ash and soot buildup, and a longer burn time due to its efficient fuel consumption.

Q: Are there any accessories available for the Solo Stove Yukon?

A: Yes, there are several accessories available for the Solo Stove Yukon including cooking grates, carrying bags, wind guards, and spark arrestors.

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