Biolite Firepit Review – Worth the Money?

Biolite Firepit Review – Worth the Money?

The Biolite Firepit has been available for some time. I was introduced to it many years back at an outdoor event, so I’ve wanted it for a while.

Biolite Firepit Review

Recently, I decided I had to try it out and test it on my next backyard outing. I had to know if it was worth the money and lived up to all its hype. Was it the one I had hoped for all these years? In short, yes, it was! Let me tell you why so that you can feel confident about buying it for yourself.

Is the Biolite Firepit Really Smokeless?

Biolite claims that its Firepit is smokeless, and it’s not exactly true. It does do so much better at ventilating smoke than some of the others on the market. Plus, it burns fuel efficiently and prevents stray embers from floating away. I was able to relax around my fire without having to circle every so often to avoid the plumes of smoke. In a sense, I felt safer about the kids being on the patio while I was using it.

What Are the Features for the Biolite Firepit?

There are plenty of features that the Biolite Firepit offers. These include:

Better Styling

Biolite built the Firepit with ‘X-ray Mesh.’ This is actually quite fitting for the description of the metal used to make up the body because it allows everyone to enjoy the glow from the fire and watch the wood burn while the flames and logs are safely contained.

This is unique for fire pits because most models don’t let you see the burning logs at all. You just see the flames peek out at the top. With the Biolite brand, you can see the show regardless of where you sit.

Intelligent Engineering

The designers for the Biolite Firepit use AirJets to ensure that the oxygen flow reaches the interior. There are 51 different AirJets, so it’s easier to get the fire started and keeps it going throughout the night. This has a lot to do with the battery-operated because it circulates the air and makes it ‘nearly’ smokeless.

USB Powering

Remember the fan I was talking about earlier? Well, it’s powered with a rechargeable USB battery pack that features a 10,400 man charge. Even on the lowest setting, you can run it for a full 24 hours. That way, the fire pit stays lit and running constantly. You’ve just got to feed it wood periodically. If you’re out in the woods and the night gets chilly, load the Biolite Firepit up and know it’s going to keep the chill off for the entire night.

Plus, you can keep prowling animals away. The light deters them from entering your campsite. Since the fan runs all night, you can use that to scare off any unwanted guests.

Biolite Firepit Review

What Are the Benefits for the Biolite Firepit?

Now that you know what the Biolite Firepit has, it’s time to learn of the benefits:

No Smoke Smell

Since it’s almost entirely smokeless, you’re not going to smell like smoke when you’re done. Those with allergies or who are sensitive to the smoky smell are sure to appreciate this advantage. In fact, you may find yourself outside enjoying a small fire every night because you know you don’t have to toss the clothes directly into the washing machine and wash them two or three times.

See the Show

With the unique styling and engineering, you can watch the logs inside the fire pit instead of just seeing what’s on top. This allows you to sit farther away and still enjoy the firelight dancing inside.


I like the compact design because you can take it almost anywhere. Plus, the legs fold up, so it’s easy to transport. Use it at the beach, during outdoor festivals, and on day trips.

Not too Heavy

You can take the fire pit with you in your car. It only weighs 20 pounds, so it’s not going to be heavy to carry short distances. No, you’re not going to take it out on the backcountry with you, but you can easily put it in and take it out of a vehicle. Setup is quite simple, so you can get the fire going almost immediately.

Use Your App

You can control the fan settings with a button on the unit’s side, but you can connect your smartphone to the Biolite app, as well. This app also works with other Biolite products. You do have to be near to the Biolite Firepit for it to work effectively. However, you can use your data and don’t have to have access to Wi-Fi.

Cook with It

The amazing thing is the Biolite Firepit isn’t just for decoration. You can use it as a grill, and the company gives you a grill grate to use with it. Though it’s a little different than cooking with gas or charcoal, it’s possible to make a full meal with the Biolite Firepit. 

Most people are going to use it to make s’mores or hot dogs, but you can grill chicken and vegetables, as well as other meats. Once you get the hang of cooking over a fire, you’re probably going to crave it all the time. The fire pit lends a unique taste to the foods you prepare. 


If you’re like me, the higher price tag put a damper on my decision to buy the Biolite Firepit for a while. However, I quickly learned that it’s worth every penny. You get so much from one product. It can be used for decorative purposes, produces heat to keep you comfortable, and can even cook food. There’s just so much functionality and versatility here.

Long Battery Life

I recommend downloading the app because it’s going to tell you how much battery life is left. It also estimates how long you can use the fire pit based on the fan settings. Low power lasts about 24 hours, while at max power, you’ve only got three hours on a charge. 

Charge Your Phone

Whoever could have imagined that it was possible to charge a cell phone with a fire pit? If you’re out and about and don’t have electricity, you don’t have to panic. For most people, their smartphone is their lifeline. It lets them stay in touch with family and friends and contact emergency services if/when necessary. Knowing that you can charge the phone with the Firepit can give you peace of mind.

What I Didn’t Care for about in our Biolite Firepit Test

There isn’t much to dislike about the Biolite Firepit. However, no product in the world is without flaws. Still, the cons listed here are only going to be relevant for certain people. It all depends on how you use the Biolite Firepit. 

Therefore, you should focus on how you’re going to use the Firepit and what you want it to do for you. Then, you can decide if the issues below are going to affect you and to what extent.

Can’t Generate Power from Heat

I do believe that it’s a huge bummer that this fire pit can’t generate power from the heat it produces. Other stoves from the Biolite brand can do this, but that technology wasn’t used on the Firepit. In a sense, you can’t take the heat that the fire pit produces and recharge the battery.

Carry Cover

Also, I wasn’t impressed with the optional carry cover. You’ve got to buy it separately, and it’s supposed to collect solar energy. It does work but not quickly. Biolite actually states that it can take up to five days in direct sunlight to fully recharge the Firepit. While it can be nice to have a case to carry it in, don’t expect to get much from the solar power.

Phone Charging Woes

Yes, the Biolite Firepit can be used to charge your smartphone. However, the fire pit isn’t going to replenish what your phone uses. Ultimately, this means that you leave the house with a fully charged battery pack for the fire pit. You can use the battery for whatever you want, but you can’t recharge it until you get back to the power source. If you’re camping for a few days, this might mean you’re left without heat, a way to cook, and a phone.

To offset this problem, consider buying a separate battery backup for your smartphone. That way, you’re not sucking out the juice for the fire pit to keep your phone working.

Biolite Firepit Review Conclusion

The Biolite Firepit offers unique capabilities that you just can’t find with other fire pit designs. One of the features you’re going to appreciate is that there’s much less smoke when you’re burning wood. Though it isn’t fully ‘smokeless’ as the manufacturer claims, it is a lot less than with other models. Therefore, you don’t come into the house smelling of wood smoke. Just make sure that you don’t overfill the pit.

Since you can also cook over the fire pit, you don’t need a separate grill. If you’re planning an extended road trip for camping, this means less to pack for you. However, it’s recharged with a special battery. Either buy an extra one (and charge it) or only use the fire pit when absolutely necessary.

For those who want a fire at night, want to travel, and like to cook with fire, the Biolite Firepit is the right choice for you! Thanks for checking out our Biolite Fire Pit reviews.

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