The Top 3 Best Duck Calls that You can Buy

The Top 3 Best Duck Calls that You can Buy

Duck hunters are as picky as they come.  We’ve got camo preferences, choke preferences, hunting buddy preferences, and maybe the most debated topic of all – duck calls.

Are you a high-ball and chuckle caller?  How are your peeps and whistles for smaller puddle ducks?  Every call has a unique and specific duty to fill – be convincing enough that your spread sounds desirable enough to land in.

Hunters love to debate their gear and with wood, acrylic, and plastic being huge variables when choosing a call, we thought we’d share our top 3 picks for best duck calls. 

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or not, one thing to consider when selecting a call is the field setting you’re hunting.  Sound is everything and depending on your location, acoustics and calling style can make or break your luck.

Timber landscapes and open water may call for a loud and clear high-ball.  Sometimes giving off a softer & melodic tone works because you’re deep in the belly of a swamp.

Raspy or crystal clear?

The options and necessary skill set for each are boundless.

  • The Buck Gardner Double Nasty Wood Duck Call (Acrylic)

The Buck Gardner Double Nasty Wood Duck Call
From Buck Gardner Double Nasty comes a series of different choices ranging from the mallard hen to the hen wood duck.   Spend some time with this call and you’ll notice it simply works on all of the smart & paranoid waterfowl who have heard it all before.  This might just be the best wood duck call on the market.


2.) Faulk’s Professional Duck Call (Wood)

Faulk’s Professional Duck Call (Wood)

There’s a reason why wood calls have been around since the dawn of time.  Faulk’s has been around for 50+ years & the Professional is known for its large walnut body putting out rich tone while withstanding some of the roughest subzero conditions.  

If you enjoy shooting mallards with a little snow on their back, this is the call to bring along.  


3) Duck Commander Triple Threat (Plastic) 

Duck Commander Triple Threat (Plastic) 

Last but not least is the Duck Commander Triple Threat.  A 3-reed call that is designed to cater to the novice just as well as it makes a flaring team take a second pass for the skilled and persuasive hunters. 

It’s affordable, a breeze to learn on, and tough as hell.

This call makes the list. 


If you’re out on the market looking for a new call, you cannot go wrong with one of these three.  

Merely buying the top of the line calls will not make you a skilled hunter.  

Do not be afraid to test calls until you’ve found the one that both suits your calling style and brings effective results time and time again. 

Dialing in your perfect duck call takes time, practice, and is a little bit of an investment ( “honey, I don’t know what happened to the $300 in Gunner’s college fund….).

Stick with it and find the call that works for you.

– Duck Hunting Fanatics

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