What are the best motion decoys out there? – Revealed Here

What are the best motion decoys out there? - Revealed Here

While most people enjoy seeing  mirror like clear water, for a duck hunter it can be a nightmare. If you sit and watch a group of ducks on the water, you will always see a bunch of movement. This can be splashing water, the flap of a wing, or anything else. Unfortunately, even early season ducks can be wary when flying over a lifeless spread of decoys. A small breeze can go a long way to help move decoys around and create ripples throughout the water, but sometimes there’s zero wind when hunting. When you get tired of waiting for perfect weather or watching your decoys not attract any ducks, you might want to try some motion decoys. 

Today’s hunters have a limitless amount of options to choose from when they are looking for a quality motion decoy in order to bring life and motion to their spread. Especially for a beginner who is looking to get started, all of the different options can be a little confusing. Here are a few different options to bring more motion to your setup. 

Spinning Wing Decoys

Spinning wing decoys have grown tremendously in popularity and for good reason. They work by imitating the moving wings of a landing duck. When you look across a marsh or body of water, it is easy to see why these decoys are so effective at drawing in ducks. The flash from the wings is easily spotted and will grab the attention of any duck in the area. This type of motion decoy does not stir up the water, but it is still a great way to attract ducks to take a closer look at your spread. Spinning wing decoys are also very effective when hunting in open fields.

Water Motion Duck Decoys

These motion duck decoys are designed to create movement out on the water. There are many different varieties, but the end goal is the same to stir up the water so it looks like living ducks are using it. Water motion decoys don’t usually attract ducks from a long distance away, but they work great for pulling in ducks on the final leg. No matter what type of motion decoy you are using, they will help bring some life to your spread. Here are our top five picks of motion decoys that you should consider using on your next hunting trip!

1 . Natural Flutter Extreme – by the Real Decoy

Natural Flutter Extreme - by the Real Decoy


Thanks to an advanced technological breakthrough this flutter decoy produces waves that travel a whopping 50 feet attracting ducks from miles away! NOTHING rocks calm water better or harder! And it runs for 30+ hours on a single D battery!

Natural Flutter Extreme was engineered with an exceptionally rugged design to withstand years of getting tossed around in the back of the truck!

The Flutter Extreme is guaranteed to change the way you hunt forever, I know it has for me! 🙂

2. Lucky Duck Lucky Splasher

Lucky Duck Lucky Splasher

The Lucky Splasher combines the flash of a spinning wing decoy with splashing water to mimic live ducks on the water. The Splasher can be run continuously or in a timer mode (10 seconds on and 5 seconds off). This decoy features an ultra-realistic paint scheme and is made out of durable EVA plastic that resists cracking and breaks. The Splasher includes molded wings with splashing straps, 6-volt rechargeable battery, smart charger, and heavy duty foam float. This decoy is remote ready and works with Lucky HD remote kit that you can purchase separately. Super versatile and made of quality material, this decoy will be a great addition to your spread. 

3. Higdon Outdoors XS Pulsator Decoy

Higdon Outdoors XS Pulsator Decoy

No matter the condition, the XS Pulsator is the ticket to adding portable water motion to your spread. This Higdon decoy has quickly become a staple for serious duck hunters who want to add a huge impact on their set-up with a one-piece, easy to use unit. Simply attach a decoy-cord and weight and drop into the water for a quick set-up. It has a built-in digital timer that surges a highly visible spray of water and significant surface water disturbance, creating an ultra-realistic rocking/feeding motion that drives ducks wild. Something a little different will make your spread that much more effective.

4. MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Mini Mallard

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Mini Mallard

A great spinning decoy, the elite series mini mallard has an all new design that results in decoys that are more realistic, quieter, smoother, faster, and have longer battery life. Each MOJO Elite Series Decoy comes equipped with flexible feet attached to the decoy skin making for easy storage and portability. The decoy body has an ultra realistic paint scheme that presents finer detail and holds its color and the magnetically attached wings, these decoys are quiet, smoother, and fast. MOJO makes very high quality decoys, and this model is no different. 

5. Higdon Outdoors XS Battleship Swimmer Decoy

Higdon Outdoors XS Battleship Swimmer Decoy

This Higdon decoy is designed to create the most realistic motion and ripple effects in your spread as possible. It is super quick and easy to set up, simply attach a decoy cord and weight and drop into your spread. This decoy is powered by an internal 12V battery and timer that is built within the decoy. The swimming motion it creates naturally adds realism to the whole spread set up. It can run up to seven hours on one charge, and has a super quick recharge time. Add this decoy into your spread to have a little variety of all the different motion decoys, and no ducks will be able to resist. 

As you can see, there are lots of different varieties of motion decoys and moving duck decoys, and all have their place in a spread. By adding in some motion decoys, you can drastically increase your success rates and bring some life to your spread. If you have ever thought about adding some motion, these are five great options to consider adding to your arsenal of gear, and the added success that you will see will soon pay for itself!

What is the best motion duck decoy?

Here are our top five picks of motion decoys that you should consider using on your next hunting trip!
  1. 1 . Natural Flutter Extreme – by the Real Decoy. …
  2. Lucky Duck Lucky Splasher. …
  3. Higdon Outdoors XS Pulsator Decoy. …
  4. MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Mini Mallard. …
  5. Higdon Outdoors XS Battleship Swimmer Decoy.
Sep 26, 2019


Are motion decoys worth it?

Spinning-wing decoys seem to pay benefits when hunting mallards on big water or, especially, in fields. … Also, spinning-wing decoys don’t seem to make much difference in crowded situations, probably because most hunters in overpressured marshes run two or three of them.Jul 7, 2016


Can you put goose decoys with duck decoys?

In fact, he will sometimes hunt ducks over nothing but Canada goose decoys. “Goose decoys draw ducks, but geese rarely come in to just a spread of duck decoys, so it can‘t hurt to use both,” said Hudnall, of Westport, Kentucky.Dec 7, 2017


How do you add motion to duck decoys?

Do mojos scare ducks?

Re: do mojos spook ducks

We almost never put it out anymore. Like everything else in duck hunting. If you think the ducks are coming in because if it, they are. If you think the ducks are flaring because of it, they are.
Jan 6, 2010


Where do you put the spread on a Mojo Duck?

Do Mojo decoys work?

While there are a number of brands of this kind of decoy – and we’re not pushing any one brand over another – most duck hunters have adopted the term “mojo” to refer to just about any motion decoy. … However, a lot of duck hunters have found that mojos really do improve the chances of ducks landing in their spreads.Oct 16, 2017


How do you set decoys?

How do you get wood ducks to decoy?

Tailor the Spread

Wood ducks will decoy, but they’re not wont to do so well outside the vicinities of their intended destinations. Set up where the woodies want to be, and use your decoys to fine-tune their approach. A small spread of about a dozen decoys is typically all that’s required.
Feb 27, 2019


How many decoys should I use for duck hunting?

On smaller, confined waters, a spread of six to 36 decoys should be sufficient. On larger waters or dry fields, hunters should put out as many decoys as practical. I never heard of anybody scaring ducks or geese away because they used too many decoys. Typically, the more, the merrier.


Can ducks see color?

Ducks have excellent vision.

Because a duck’s eyes are located on either sides of its head, they have a field of vision of nearly 340 degrees. … To top it off, ducks have three eyelids and can see in color.
Aug 5, 2015


Can you mix duck decoys?

But it definitely won’t hurt to mix a few other puddle duck decoys into your spread. Many people use a mix of mallards, black ducks, and pintails for their visibility and good pulling power.Dec 22, 2020


How do you use a Mojo duck decoy?

Do jerk rigs work?

Jerk strings work better on perfectly calm mornings when there is no wind. Mojo’s work better on really windy days as the rougher water tends to break up the outline of the pole. I usually hunt in water that is less than 3 feet and I made a pole for my Mojo that keeps it about 6 to 8 inches above the water.Jul 14, 2011


Can a duck smell?

Smell. For a long time, the sense of smell in waterfowl was thought to be the least developed of their senses. Although their olfactory systems may not be as keen as those of dogs or even some other birds, waterfowl can detect smells to varying degrees.


Do ducks like shiny things?

As pretty as ducks are, they don’t shine like glossy-painted plastic. … You must consider many fine details when trying to fool wary ducks and geese, particularly after they’ve been shot at a couple of times.Oct 20, 2016


Can you wear black duck hunting?

As long as you have relatively good cover and REMAIN STILL there is nothing wrong with wearing some black. More ducks have been shot in this country with people wearing old OD, black or even muted plaid clothing than with the latest & greatest camo patterns.Aug 4, 2011


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