Top Five UTV Hunting Accessories

Top Five UTV Hunting Accessories

UTVs are a ton of fun and a staple in offroad travel in today’s world. Not only are they amazing tools for utility, they are just flat out fun for riding around and enjoying the outdoors. If you’ve already been out in your UTV a few times, it didn’t take long to figure out that you may need a few additional items aside from the UTV itself. However, if you are new to the sport, there are a few minor details that will make this new experience the best it can be that you may not have originally thought about. Whether it is things that make your UTV safer, perform better, or even just enjoy your rides a little more, we have compiled a list of a few things that you will want to consider purchasing before your next outing.

Check out these 5 things you need before your next ride.

1 . Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs 1591kg Single Line Pull

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs 1591kg Single Line Pull

Among the good UTV accessories that are often recommended by experts, you will always find a winch. And, if you want to go for one that will serve you in any tough situation, the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 is the right choice for you. There are a few essential characteristics you need your winch to have, such as power, durability, and usability, and this one ticks all the boxes.

Its 3,500-pound pull rating is right on top of the list of reasons for getting this particular model. There are hardly other winches out there that can do more than this one, and its price is also decent. But you will also find a broad range of other traits that will convince you this model is what you need.

It comes equipped with a 1.6 hp magnet motor with mechanical load holding, and bronze bearings designed to help you in stressful situations. Also, the weatherproof circuit breaker ensures a long life for this UTV accessory.

2. Kolpin Full-Tilt Windshield

Kolpin Full-Tilt Windshield

Sometimes, a windshield is needed even if you’re riding a UTV. Be it that you want a little protection against weather elements, or you don’t want all the mud and pebbles from the terrain to come right at you at high velocity, you will find that the Kolpin Full-Tilt Windshield is one thing you need.

Praised by most of the UTV accessories reviews you can read from users, you can notice its high usability rating right away. First of all, it has three positions in which it can be locked, so that you can allow the air to flow. Next, you will appreciate how easy it is to install, and you can also remove it without using extra tools or hardware.

The windshield is built with durability in mind. The scratch-resistant design ensures that your windshield will still look good even after a day spent navigating the harsh terrain.

3.Coleman UTV Cover

Coleman UTV Cover

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. While many can offer ideas on what you should get for your UTV, don’t forget about the basics. The Coleman UTV Cover is one of the must-have UTV accessories that might be so obvious you need that is easy to overlook. When you don’t use your UTV, this cover will protect it from severe weather.

Designed to offer excellent coverage and all-weather protection, this product from Coleman proves that this manufacturer always focuses on providing the highest quality to its customers. The cover will not only protect your UTV from pelting rain, but it will also ensure that UVs won’t damage it, either.

Due to the elastic bottom, the cover is easy to place over any UTV, as it slips in place and remains that way. Once you want to take your UTV out for a ride, you can pack the cover and put it in the storage bag supplied with your purchase..

4. ATV Tek Stable Clearview UTV Center Mirror

ATV Tek Stable Clearview UTV Center Mirror

Among the things you may find indispensable for your UTV, a mirror that can serve as a replacement for the one you already have should be present. This particular model offers, besides the obvious usefulness, a few other benefits that we want to mention here.

One thing that matters for users is the ability to adjust the object for the orientation you need so that you can supervise what happens around you, while you’re riding your utility vehicle. The model fits any tubular roll cages that have between 1 and 2.5 inches in diameter.

You will find that the model is easily compatible with almost all the windshields available. Another thing that can affect drivers when they try to observe their surroundings through a mirror is vibration. But this model comes with a rubberized seal that reduces the impact of the moves of your vehicle to a minimum.

5. MadDog Gear UTV Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

MadDog Gear UTV Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

What could go wrong during a UTV expedition? Experienced off-roaders can tell you that the biggest challenge is having to deal with tire damage. If that is something that worries you, you should be well prepared for such situations, and this kit for tire repair is just what you need, as it contains all the needed tools and consumables to do your work.

The kit is designed for both ATV and UTV tires. You will get glue, tube patches, and plugs so that you can cover the parts that are damaged and glue the patches in place. It also comes with a tire reamer and a tool for plug installation.

After repairing the punctures in your tires, you will need to inflate them again. For this purpose, the kit comes along with a CO2 inflator, as well as two CO2 cartridges that will help you inflate your tires with maximum efficiency.

Having the right UTV hunting accessories with you on the trail or in the field can be the key to being prepared and having a successful, safe hunting experience.

Who makes the best side by side UTV 2020?

Who makes the best side by side UTV 2020?
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  • 2020 Maverick X3 XDS Turbo RR Review. …
  • 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 – First Ride. …
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  • 2019 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew Review.


What is the most reliable UTV on the market?

What is the most reliable UTV on the market?
Yamaha Wolverine X2
The Yamaha Wolverine X2 is one of the best-selling UTVs, and it is also one of the most reliable models on the market. Yamaha’s engines are, of course, well-known for being potent, and when combined with the Yamaha Ultramatic transmission, the Wolverine X2 is a powerful beast indeed.Nov 12, 2020


What should I carry in my UTV?

What should I carry in my UTV?
8 Products Every UTV Driver Needs
  • Spare Tire. Having a spare and some sort of way to jack the car up is the only guarantee you have not to be stranded. …
  • Air Supply/Repair Kit. Co2 system mounted to a quick-release fire extinguisher mount. …
  • Tools. …
  • Rear View Mirror. …
  • Belt Bag & Belt. …
  • Windshield. …
  • Jumper Box. …
  • Roof.
Feb 23, 2016


Is a UTV worth the money?

Is a UTV worth the money?
Although not a necessity for many, the market for side-by-side vehicles is expanding. While many use the UTV only for recreational purposes, others have found it to be a useful aid in their daily life. … Be it a need or a want, it’s also worth noting that buying a UTV isn’t going to be cheap.Feb 3, 2020


Who makes the best UTV for the money?

Who makes the best UTV for the money?
The Top 11 Kick-Butt Side-by-Side UTVs for Your Next Adventure
  • The Best Side by Side for Affordability: Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec SE. …
  • The Best Entry-Level Side by Side: Polaris Ranger Crew XP 900. …
  • The Side by Side That Will Float Across Water: Argo Conquest 800 Outfitter. …
  • The Best Sport Side by Side: Polaris RZR XP Turbo S.
May 22, 2019


What is the top rated UTV?

What is the top rated UTV?
TOP 5 UTVs FOR 2019
  • YAMAHA WOLVERINE X2 R-SPEC. With the introduction of the X4, it was only a matter of months before Yamaha unleashed the revised two-passenger version of the popular Wolverine. …
Jan 15, 2019


What is high mileage for a UTV?

What is high mileage for a UTV?
around 10,000 miles
Generally, an ATV is considered “high miles” once it reaches around 10,000 miles. What’s more important, however, is how it was maintained and how the previous owner rode it. Even at 10,000 miles, if the previous owner took the time and effort to care for the ATV, there could still be a lot of life left in the vehicle.


Can Am UTV reliable?

Can Am UTV reliable?
They are actually very reliable. Theres many in the 5 digits for mileage. Thing is they make alot more power then most so stuff tends to break easier if you ride hard hard or start lifting and putting big tires. The reliability goes with how you treat it and how you maintain it.Jun 15, 2018


What is the most quiet UTV on the market?

What is the most quiet UTV on the market?
Yamaha Wolverine X4
The all-new Yamaha Wolverine X4 was designed first and foremost for adventure. With convertible seating for four, it is the quietest UTV on the market.Aug 28, 2018


What is the best cheap UTV?

What is the best cheap UTV?
Here are five of the best cheap UTVs that we’ve come to know and like.
  • Kawasaki Mule SX XC – $8,399.
  • Honda Pioneer 500 – $8,999.
  • Polaris Ranger 500 – $8,999.
  • Yamaha Wolverine – $10,999.
  • Can-Am Maverick Trail 800 – $10,999.
Apr 25, 2018


What do you wear on a UTV trail ride?

What do you wear on a UTV trail ride?
Wear long pants for protection. You can also purchase thicker and more protective pants (more similar to dirt bike or motorcycle pants) to wear while riding. If you’re a serious UTV driver, you may also consider a driving suit!Mar 30, 2017


What can you do with a UTV?

What can you do with a UTV?
Check out these 10 ways that you can use your ATV or UTV for farm work.
  • Transporting Supplies. Perhaps the biggest advantage offered by ATVs and UTVs is their ability to quickly and easily transport supplies across your farm. …
  • Plowing Fields. …
  • Raking. …
  • Harrowing Fields. …
  • Plowing Snow. …
  • Mowing Grass. …
  • Building Fences. …
  • Spreading Seeds.
Apr 17, 2018


Can a UTV be made street legal?

Can a UTV be made street legal?
Well, it’s legal to do so in almost half of the United States, and there are a few companies that make streetlegal kits for UTVs and ATVs. Today’s UTVs already have most of the required equipment such as mufflers, seat belts, headlights, taillights and brake lights.Feb 27, 2015


Why are UTV so expensive?

Why are UTV so expensive?
So, why are side by sides so expensive? The main reason for the high cost is the improvement in the performance of UTVs and the increase in their available accessories, add-ons and luxuries.Jul 18, 2020


Is Can Am better than Polaris?

Is Can Am better than Polaris?
In short, the CanAm excels at higher speeds, thereby making it the faster of the two vehicles. However, the Polaris is a more of a true all-terrain vehicle. If you’re looking for a UTV for all types of terrain, the RZR is the better option.Feb 12, 2019



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