Top 5 Shotgun Accessories

Because most people associate firearm accessories with pistols and rifles, I believe shotguns unjustly get left out of the discussion. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite shotgun attachments and aftermarket options for shotguns. Whether you own a shotgun for tactical purposes, home-defense, hunting, and even sporting, there’s a surprisingly impressive selection of shotgun accesories to choose from.

Attachments and accessories can not only make your shotgun more enjoyable to shoot, but many of these items are also necessary in order to maintain and shoot your firearm as well. This list of the top five shotgun accessories is great for any sport shooter, firearm enthusiast, or hunter in your family. So let’s get started!

1 . Recoil Eraser Slip-On Recoil Pad

Let’s face it, sometimes shotguns can have some pretty good recoil. To combat this, recoil pads help cushion the blow and be easier on your shoulder. One of the best recoil pads on the market is the Recoil Eraser Slip-On Recoil Pad. This recoil pad is an innovative solution to help with recoil energy absorption. The pad fits easily over any stock of any shotgun you may have without any tools or shotgun modifications necessary. The pad features a thin Lycra covered neoprene cuff that stretches over the stock of the gun and does not hinder your ability to shoulder the gun.

The butt end of the pad is made from a material with a high surface tension material so that the gun will not move or slide around on the shoulder when it is being fired. This elastic gel polymer filling absorbs the majority of the shock to help keep you shooting all day long. It is advertised as reducing felt recoil up to 70%, and I would say that is pretty accurate. This helps keep soreness down, and the one size fits all is very nice if you have multiple shotguns.

2. P2M in-Chamber Laser Boresight

When shooting any gun, one of the most important aspects to work and focus on is accuracy. After all, what’s the point of shooting a gun if you cannot hit what you are aiming at? While shotguns are much easier to hit things with than handguns or rifles, you still need to sight in your shotgun, especially when using specialty loads. Whether you are using your shotgun for sport, home defense, or hunting, it is very important to make sure your sights on your gun are just right. A boresight is a great tool to aid in this endeavor, and the P2M Boresight is the perfect choice to sight in your shotgun.

This boresight will significantly reduce wasted shells trying to sight in your gun, and all you have to do is simply load the device like a regular shell into the gun. The red laser dot will then show you exactly where you are aiming, and you can simply adjust your sights or scope to the correct aiming spot. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and very durable. This is one of the highest quality boresights on the market for the price and is a great accessory to have in your tool kit for your shotgun.

3.Case Club Sporting & Tactical Shotgun Cases

Transporting your shotgun to and from the range or the field is something you cannot avoid, so why not ensure that your shotgun is properly secured and protected? A good quality gun case can not only protect your firearms while transporting them but it can also keep them safe from things like theft with the ability to be able to be locked. The Case Club Cases are some of the highest quality gun cases on the market today. This waterproof case comes with precut foam that will hold pretty much any shotgun, whether it is a sporting or hunting firearm. It is also big enough to hold pistols, magazines, extra shells, a silica gel canister, and plenty of other accessories with your shotgun.

The moisture removing silica gel canister already comes included and will help keep your guns and gear dry and rust-free. The foam insert is a closed-cell, military-grade polyethylene which can be easily taken out and cleaned. The best part about this case is that it is airline approved for checked lugged, as well as being wheeled and able to be locked with an external lock. When it comes to traveling with your shotguns or any other firearms, it really does not get much better than this case!

4. TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Universal Shotgun Front Sight

Many times shotguns will only come with a simple bead on the end of the barrel that is used as a front sight. For shooters that want something a little bigger and easier to see, the Truglo universal front sight is perfect. This is designed for plan barrel shotguns and is very easy to install. It is a low profile design, but has an ultra tough construction. It is a universal fit and the perfect accessory for anyone wanting to make minor changes to their setup. This sight is also much easier to see in low light and nighttime scenarios.

5. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

One of the most important aspects of owning a firearm is keeping it clean. It is very important to have a good cleaning kit to help keep your shotgun free from dirt, debris, and rust. The Gloryfire universal gun cleaning kit is perfect for both novice and veteran firearm owners looking to maintain their guns. This kit is all-in-one and includes everthing you would need for all types of shotguns, and everything is neatly included in a handy case.

All of the parts are made of high quality nylon plastic, and will be much more durable than other cleaning accessories that you will find in most other cleaning kits. Even if you somehow managed to break something, this kit comes with a 3 year warranty that will replace anything you might need. The best part of this kit is that is includes everything you would ever need to clean and maintain your shotguns.

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