Top 5 Duck Decoys

Duck hunting is one of the most popular forms of hunting in the United States and continues to grow every single year. One essential piece of equipment that is necessary when duck hunting is having some decoys in order to bring the ducks in close enough to shoot. Decoys come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them are created equal.

There are many different things to consider before purchasing decoys, such as how many you may need, the species, the patterns, and what specific types of decoys you may need. In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of five of the best non-motion duck decoys on the market today.

1 . Avian-X Top Flight Pacific Flyway Decoy Pack 6 Pack

Avian-X is a great brand when it comes to duck decoys, and their Top Flight Decoys are second to none when it comes to replicating the way ducks look, move, and are colored. It closely resembles ducks found in the Pacific Flyway. These decoys will add a lot of realism to your spread with their striking colors and contrast, as well as their ability to pull ducks in from far distances. There is no other way around it, there are very few other decoys on the market today that have the quality and realism that these decoys do.

This 6 pack includes 3 pintails and 3 widgeons, each designed to bring in the most ducks possible. They all include an ultra-realistic paint scheme of non-chip paint and are extremely durable. This is especially important for hunters that are hard on their equipment, as these decoys will keep their colors and continue to bring in ducks. These are great decoys for any hunter looking to add a little something extra to their spread.

2. AvianX Top Flight Duck Green Wing Teal Floater Decoy 6 Pack

Another great offering from Avian-X, the Top Flight Green Wing Teal Floater decoys were created to capture the image and body anatomy of a feeding flock of teal as they search the surface of the water for food. The low heads and feeders will help create a look that other ducks are looking for and bring them in close.

As with all Avian-X decoys, the Green Wing Teal Floater set decoys feature the innovative weight-forward swim design, keeping them straight and steady in the water. These decoys are slightly larger than your average decoy, measuring at over 10 inches from the breast to the tail. This creates a steady decoy in even the strongest of currents or breezes. This pack contains 6 decoys, and are a great way to either get started on your spread or add some more variety to it.

3.Higdon Outdoors Standard Bluebill Foam Filled Decoys

For hunters that are looking for the best dependability, mobility, and realism that also makes use of limited boat space, Hidgon decoys have the answer. The Higdon Standard foam filled decoys will make the most of a hunters time on the water while doing it at a great price point. The foam filling makes these decoys basically bulletproof, and they will last you for years. They also feature a weighted keel that makes for quick and easy setups.

The paint job on these decoys are highly detailed, and looks amazing. This package includes 6 decoys and has 4 drakes and 2 hens. As an added benefit, a percentage of your purchase of these decoys goes towards wetland conservation efforts. What’s not to love? Higdon Outdoors is a great company that also stands behind their products, so if you ever run into any issues with your decoys you can rest assured that the company will stand behind their quality products. This is one set of decoys that you cannot go wrong with.

4. Flambeau Outdoors 8030SUV Storm Front 2 Mallard Floaters

Another name in the outdoor industry that is making a splash is Flambeau Outdoors. Their mallard duck decoys are everything you would need to lure in more greenheads to your set up and bring more birds home. The decoys include a secure strap weight location that will help ensure an easy setup and takedown. The paint schemes and patterns are especially nice and are developed using UV technology that matches the reflectivity and realism of actual feathers.

Using the keel design, these decoys are the ultimate attraction to entice actual ducks to land in your area. The pack includes twelve decoys, more than enough to enhance your existing spread or start a new one. The kit includes 3 drakes, 3 semi-resting drakes, and 6 semi-resting hens. They come in at a 14” size are a great option for either beginners or veterans to duck hunting. Flambeau Outdoors is a great company and their Storm Front decoys are a testament to their dedication to the sport.

5. Lifetime Decoys FlexFloat Mallard 6 Pack

A relatively new company to the decoy world, Lifetime Decoys are quickly becoming more and more popular among duck hunters. Their FlexFloat mallard decoys are a good reason why. These decoys set an all-new standard for quality and durability in waterfowl decoys. Built using an EVA foam with an open bottom construction, they feature a patent-pending dual-flow swim keel system that allows more movement with less wind. This allows the decoys to appear more lifelike in still water, bringing in more ducks. Each decoy only weighs 11 ounces or 19 ounces with the weights installed, making them extremely lightweight and easy to move around.

The durability is where these decoys really shine. As you would expect from a name like Lifetime, these decoys are designed and built to last a lifetime. They are extremely durable and will hold up to whatever you can throw at them. The Flexfloat EVA will pop back into its form immediately after being smashed or contorted while staying quiet and durable. For hunters looking for decoys that will last them for many years to come, or maybe even a lifetime, The Lifetime Decoys FlexFloat decoys are the ones to consider.

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