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Popup Duck Blind

A duck hunter can have the most expensive shotgun, the largest spread of quality decoys, and the best in hunting apparel, but if they don’t have a proper place to hide, they will probably be going home empty handed. There are many different types of duck hunting blinds, from very basic to high end such as A frame duck blinds, duck hunting kayak blinds, layout duck blinds, popup duck blinds, pvc duck blinds, or even some nice portable duck blinds. Today’s modern hides allow hunters to disappear with minimal cover, and increasing their success rates. They come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and prices, but you are sure to find something that suits your needs. The following blinds are some of our favorite brands and models, all designed to help you stay out of sight and most importantly kill more ducks!

1. YakGear Ambush Kayak Cover Duck Blind

Hiding from your prey doesn’t do you much good if you are causing noise and disturbance trying to get in place for your shot, so this product was designed specifically to keep you hidden while still allowing for full movement on the water. The Ambush kayak cover is a shooter’s blind that features a realistic Real tree Max-5 pattern, with sewn-on vegetation straps and removable concealment flaps that can help you to blend in and disappear even further. The flaps keep hunters completely covered up, but can easily flip open when it’s time to shoot. The blind is made of durable ripstop material, and is very rugged. It is made to fit watercraft ranging from 12 to 14 feet long and up to 36 inches wide, making it a versatile tool and kayak duck blind that can be used for years to come. 

2. Delta Waterfowl Zero Gravity Blind

Delta markets this blind as the most comfortable one on the market, and gives it this name thanks to its padded ‘zero gravity’ chair and headrest. Just make sure that you don’t fall asleep while in this blind!

The Zero Gravity covers your body profile and spreads out on the ground around you to also help improve concealment, as well as a place to store your equipment to keep it out of the weather. It is super easy to assemble and folds neatly into a carry backpack that also has a couple of storage pockets as well. This makes this blind ultra-portable, and easily transported back and forth from your favorite hunting spot.

Included is threaded stakes to secure it into frozen ground and stubble straps for brush. The only downside to this blind is that there is no floor, which makes it much easier to clean but can sometimes be a problem on the wet ground, but is no different than other layout duck blinds or pop up duck blinds.

3. Flextone Landing Strip Layout Waterfowl Blind

Designed to disappear in a variety of terrain, the Landing Strip features extra width and full length padding across the seat and headrest in order to add additional comfort while you lie in wait.

When ready, you can use the interior handles to open the spring loaded doors to open and start shooting. It also features polyester floor made of HD 1800D that is super rugged and durable, perfect for hunters wanting longevity out of their equipment and it does make it nice for those wet grounds.

The aluminum frame even has reinforced steel joints, providing it with more strength and durability. These will keep up even during extreme weather and abuse.

The Flextone Landing Strip blind is the perfect choice for hunters wanting a bombproof blind without having to spend a fortune for one and is one of the most popular hunting blinds Amazon.

4. Guide Gear Waterfowl Layout Hunting Blind

The least expensive option on our list, the Guide Gear blind is still no slouch. It is outfitted with an extremely lightweight frame and water resistant camo shell. It will easily keep you concealed from waterfowl while providing plenty of comfort with its roomy interior, lumbar support, zippered flag port, and mesh doors that can pop open in an instant.

It comes equipped with over 100 stubble straps for adding any additional brush to help you blend in even more to your surroundings. The bottom is made up of weatherproof PVC that will protect against dirt and mud and does not retain any moisture.

It includes heavy duty double stitches at all of the high stress points that will prevent tearing and keep it together. Overall it weighs 25 pounds, and is a great option for hunters on a budget and is going to give you a lot more flexibility than DIY duck blinds or homemade duck blinds.

5. Avian-X Hunting Blind

A large, A frame hunting blind, the Avian-X has quickly become one of the most popular blinds on the market. The unique design was built to eliminate hard edges and shadows that help conceal it much better, and this blind will keep you hidden from even the smartest birds.

For hunters that like to hunt in groups and need more space, this blind was made for you. It can easily accommodate 4 hunters, plus their equipment and even their dogs.

At only 26 pounds, the large space is still lightweight and easy to transport. The 900 denier shell can withstand the harsh elements and abuse, while still giving you plenty of options for attaching brush for concealment and adding doors and access points.

Made for use near marshes, along fence lines and even in open fields, you cannot go wrong by adding this piece of gear to your duck hunting arsenal!

When it comes to hunting, there are few pieces of gear that are as critical and needed as blinds. A good quality blind can be the difference between coming home successful, or coming home empty handed. These are just a few of our favorite picks of some of the best and most versatile hunting blinds on the market today, and each one will suit certain needs and wants. The duck blind is a necessity to keeping yourself concealed from the birds in order to get them to work in real close.

Think about what is important to you in a blind and what your needs are, and you are sure to find a blind here that will fit perfectly into your equipment list. Whether you want something portable, spacious, or comfortable, you are sure to find what you are looking for and can get out into the field in order to keep hunting and most importantly, have a great time! There’s all kind duck blinds for sale online, so make sure you do your research to find the right one for your type of hunting and needs.

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