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Are you looking for a healthy and all-natural way to keep your dog healthy without breaking the bank? Look no further than Dr Marty Propower Plus! Dr Marty Propower Plus is an affordable, all-natural dog food that helps your pup stay in top shape.

With its unique combination of nutrients and minerals, it’s easy to see why more pet owners are switching to Propower Plus.

Dogs are humans’ best friends, accompanying them in every struggle they live day-to-day, always wearing a big smile and full of love to give. Unluckily, our puffy friends are likely to catch health problems and illnesses that provoke them to be less active, anxious, and not like their normal selves in general. 

That’s why it’s important to take good care of them and be cautious in their changes of behavior, since they are essential to tell us when they are feeling bad. However, sometimes we can’t make them feel better just out of love and need a little extra help to ease their pain. Many people have dedicated their lives to be that extra help to our pets, Doctor Marty is one of them.

Dr. Martin Goldstein, commonly known as Dr. Marty, is a top-tier veterinarian who is right now one of the most important and cultured doctors regarding animal health, having worked for it for 40 years now and counting. One of his many products produced to improve animal’s life, is his Dr. Marty Propower Plus, a dog food supplement. 

Dr Marty Propower Plus Overview 

Dr. Marty Propower Plus’s goal is to be a supplement aimed for dogs that helps puppies improve their digestion and solve serious problems that can’t always be addressed by normal procedures, such as; anxiety, nervousness, aches, and low-energy levels. But, existing so many options to take, what makes Dr. Marty’s product so special?

This product’s components are proven to work perfectly to make outstanding changes in a very short time, making look a sad dog like a joyful puppy ready to play for hours. This supplement is completely safe for every dog careless about their breed, age, or size. Nevertheless, Dr. Marty recommends you to check with your vet before buying just in case anything could happen.

The supplement is presented as a powder, so there is no problem in your dog not wanting to eat it, since you just have to sprinkle it in your dog’s food or his favorite snack. Apart from all that, shipping is free; which results in that, while the product is not exactly cheap, it can be more affordable than other competitors. 

Of course, there are a lot of questions that are still unanswered, so we are here to resolve some doubts that you could have. Do you need to know something about the supplement before you buy it? Check if one of your questions is here:

  • How does it work?
  • What are its ingredients?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • How much of a product is one jar?
  • Is it affordable? 
  • Which problems can I solve with the supplement? 
  • How do I use it?
  • Is there any guarantee? 

How Does Dr Marty Propower Plus Work?

Dr. Marty has shown his concern about the diseases a dog can catch and suffer from, as a veterinarian, it’s only natural that he developed something that could stop or contain the progression of the disease. He argues that with them being animals that are in severe danger of developing cancer, it’s imperative to take action in protecting them. 

Now, how can you know if your dog is developing a dangerous disease? Well, just noticing the symptoms and the change in its behavior is more than enough to start taking care of your doggy. Even if it’s not ill, there is no damage in preventing something that could cause your friend any pain. That’s when Dr. Marty Propower Plus gets into the scene. 

One of the supplement’s ingredients is a probiotic enzyme blend, some could think that giving a dog probiotics is dangerous for them, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s proven that these represent no harm to our pets, but on the contrary, Dr. Marty’s unique probiotic improves your dog’s digestion and boosts its gut health.

Mushrooms are another special ingredient in the product, specifically, champignon mushroom extract. This mushroom is popular for protecting animals from allergies and inflammations caused by other health problems, detoxicating them, and making other improvements such as making your puppy less smelly and bringing a joyful freshness in him. 

The mix of the previously mentioned ingredients plus the nutrients that Kelp brings to the table also do a great job preventing cancer, improving the immune system in general, and making its coat shinier and its skin scratch-free. 

What Are Dr. Marty Propower Plus’s Ingredients?

It’s perfectly natural and definitely a sign of great dog parenting that you have doubts about the ingredients, they are what could define if your dog gets better or not after all! The components of this supplement are tested and it’s explained by Dr. Marty himself how they can help your dog’s health in his book and speeches. 

Some of them you already know from this review, but to give you a clear look at them, here’s a list of all the ingredients of the product:

  • Gum Acacia.
  • Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) thallus powder (organic).
  • Champignon mushroom extract. 
  • Cellulose Plant Fiber. 
  • Probiotic-Enzyme Blend (Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Lipase, Papain, Bromelain, Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidibacterium lactis/longum, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Fructooligosaccharides). 

Of course, the ingredients are not the only thing to take care of when talking about what makes the product. Since we know how important it is to know both in human and dog food, here is a nutritional analysis of the supplement:

  • Crude Protein 10% (min).
  • Crude Fat 0.31% (min).
  • Crude Fiber 29.1% (max).
  • Moisture 9% (max).
  • Probiotics 2 billion CFU/g (min).
  • Calorie content: 2085 kcal/kg, 4.17/scoop.

Are There Any Side Effects in My Dog Consuming Dr. Marty Propower Plus?

The only effect that your dog should have after eating Dr. Marty’s product is joy and freshness, so the answer is no! However, it is highly recommended by Dr. Marty that before you get the product, you consult with your veterinarian so he can check if your pet doesn’t have any special condition that could make the supplement to affect it. 

All dogs share the same digestive system regardless of their age, breed, or size; because of this, the supplement works exactly the same way in any dog that consumes it. Of course, in every living being can exist an exceptional situation connected to a specific condition, that’s why checking with the vet is so essential. 

The ingredients used in Dr. Marty Propower Plus aren’t proven to have any side effects by themselves though. Individually, they only show improvements and benefits to the dog that consumes them, for example; kelp is beneficial for both humans and dogs, and mushrooms are known for being high in fiber and protein, so you shouldn’t be worried about any component that could cause your puppy any harm. 

How Much Is One Jar of Dr. Marty Propower Plus?

The size of the product is always important when thinking about investing or buying anything, since it tells you how much it lasts, and, thus, if it’s fair and affordable. Food and dog supplements are not the exceptions, so this is a question that you should always consider when buying new things. 

The content of this supplement is fair according to the price and the benefits it brings, being of NET WT: 2.2 OZ. (62g) per jar. This amount is more than enough and the results it brings assure you the buy of a new one. Taking into consideration that the supplement doses are daily, if taken right, it could last a month and a half or two. 

It’s remarkable that Dr. Marty Propower Plus comes in powder, so if you administer it right in your dog’s food, it could last even more than expected. However, Dr. Marty has some offers worth trying, giving you more than one jar and changing the overall price, or giving discounts for subscriptions. 

Is Dr Marty Propower Plus Affordable?

It’s natural that when a product offers several things the price of it tends to get higher for the ingredients and the quality itself. Dr. Marty Propower Plus isn’t exactly cheap, but it is not outrageous either, it has a fair price for the benefits and change in your pet’s life.

The product’s price on the official Dr. Marty’s website is $69.95, for some that may seem expensive, but it actually is just a reflection of the value that the supplement has and the effort made to light up and improve the dogs and owners lives. However, some deals offered by Dr. Marty could make the price easier to manage. 

Dr. Marty gives you three options regarding the buy of Dr. Marty Propower Plus, these make you save a percentage of the price for buying more jars of the product. You can buy one jar for the original price, three jars saving 10% of what the price would be, and six jars saving 15%.

You can still save money from the buy in other ways apart from the price of the product. While many goods offer a cheap price, but then get you overwhelmed by the shippingshhi price, Dr. Marty gives a fair price and free shipping on all United States orders over $50, so the total count money you spend without the shipping makes it more affordable than other options. 

Which Problems Can Dr. Marty Propower Plus Address

This product’s primary goal is to solve and prevent your dog’s pain and illnesses, having a wide range of benefits prepared to address those problems. Although its advantages are not short, it is good to know what to expect of the supplement when you buy it and how effective it is when consumed. 

As explained before, Dr. Marty’s supplement principally supports the digestive system and immune health, but those aren’t its only perks. The product makes the dog more joyful and gives him a sense of happiness worth watching, but not only that, because it also makes his coat shinier and protects his skin from scratches. 

It is concerning how dogs can catch diseases so easily, so it is a good thing to have something that can prevent those issues. Dr. Marty’s supplement by boosting the immune system, makes his body stronger and less likely to catch illnesses, being essential to prevent deadly problems such as cancer. 

If your dog is having anxiety and nervousness problems, extreme odor, and he is feeling down in general; Dr. Marty is the perfect option to bring back its old and happy self.

How Do I Give My Dog Dr. Marty Propower Plus?

Powder is the form in which the formula is made, so you just have to sprinkle it on your pet’s food and the job is done. The doses are daily, so you shouldn’t give it to your dog more than once a day. However, Dr. Marty specifies how much you should give to your dog depending on its weight. 

According to Dr. Marty’s feeding recommendation, if your dog is from one to ten lbs, give him half a scoop; if it’s from 11 to 35lbs, one scoop; if it’s from 36 to 55lbs, one and a half scoop; and if it is 56lbs or more, give him two scoops.

Does the Product Have Any Guarantee? 

Yes! Dr. Marty has expressed his concern about satisfying every client and pet, so he stands by his “Your Dog is Healthier or It’s Free” guarantee, offering 100% of your money back if the product doesn’t work.

If no visible changes have occurred within 90 days of buying the product, you get a total refund of the price paid. So, don’t worry about paying and then having lost your money if anything happens, if your dog is not feeling better, you are getting your money back. 

The Final Verdict 

Dr. Marty’s product is definitely a top-tier purchase when talking about keeping good care of your dog. It is easy to use, makes dogs happy, has free shipping, and a 100% of your money back guarantee. If you can try it, we highly recommend you to, because it is a good investment in your pet’s health.

Our Readers Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dr. Marty ProPower Plus a healthy and all-natural choice?
Dr. Marty ProPower Plus is an affordable, all-natural dog food that uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure your pup's health and well-being. It contains no artificial preservatives or fillers, making it a safe, nutritious meal for your canine companion.
How can ProPower Plus benefit my pet?
Dr. Marty ProPower Plus provides essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your puppy at its best. The formula features high levels of antioxidants to support immunity and overall health, as well as probiotics for digestion and Omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.
Is Dr. Marty ProPower Plus easy to feed?
Yes! The kibble pieces are small enough for dogs of any size to enjoy, making feeding time much easier for you and your pup.
Does Dr. Marty ProPower Plus offer complete nutrition?
Absolutely! With its balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, this food ensures that your furry friend will receive everything they need in one convenient package.

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