Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed

Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed

When feeding a dog, one has to be sure that it gets enough nutrients. Dr. Marty Dog Food is one of the many options that the market can offer. But is it really as good as the producer states? Is it a perfect choice for your dog? From this review, you are going to learn everything you need to know about Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed. 

Uncovering the Truth Behind Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed

The founder of Dr. Marty Pets, Dr. Martin Goldestein, has been a vet for more than 40 years. He was featured on various TV shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show. He is a figure that has raised a lot of controversies. While some love him, others don’t agree with his ideas. 

Following his vision and using his knowledge for pets’ health, Dr. Marty creates a lot of food formulas for cats and dogs. They are supposed to increase the health and the mood of animals. In the creation of the formulas, traditional and combinative medicine were involved. 

The food is suitable for a macrobiotic diet and doesn’t have any side effects. All products from Dr. Marty’s line are made of verified and medically permitted components. All the used ingredients are natural. 

It’s natural that before deciding on the food that you’re going to serve your pet, you should consider your best choices—some of the most common questions that people ask before buying Dr. Marty Dog Food are:

  • What is Dr. Marty Dog Food?
  • What is the product made of?
  • Why is this product different from others?
  • Can I get the food without any problem?
  • Is the food suitable for my dog?
  • What is the Duration of Dr. Marty Dog Food?
  • How Can I Prepare the Formula?

Let’s analyze them all, step by step. 

What You Should Know About The Recent Reports On Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed

Dr. Marty Dog Food uses formulas based on raw and freeze-dried food. In the past, wild dogs were able to get all their nutrients from nature to grow strong and healthy. Nowadays, it’s hard for pets to find what they used to have with highly processed food. Dr. Marty Dog Food’s idea is to bring the raw diet, similar to what dogs used to eat in nature, into our pets’ lives. 

The exceptional quality is provided by power-packed and freeze-dried food. It doesn’t use any fillers or grains. The ingredients are raw, which means they allow all nutrients to be delivered to your pet’s organism. 

What Ingredients Are Used to Create Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed?

The food was especially designed for pets and their needs. All the ingredients are natural, and they are prepared in an alternative way. Formulas that are used to prepare the dog food include components such as:

  • beef
  • salmon
  • beef liver
  • turkey
  • duck
  • turkey liver and/or heart
  • egg
  • flaxseed
  • pumpkin
  • pea flour
  • sweet potato
  • blueberry
  • apple
  • cranberry
  • sunflower seed
  • carrot
  • pumpkin seed
  • spinach
  • ginger
  • kale
  • dried kelp
  • broccoli

Dr. Marty Dog Food also includes mixed tocopherols. They’re a natural preservative that allows products to last longer. During the production process, there are a few more products in use. All of them have a license from pet health care experts. Some of them include probiotic-Enzym Blend (including Papain, Fructooligosaccharides, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus coagulans, and more), Champignon Mushroom Extract, organic Thallus Powder, Kelp, and Acacia Gum Fiber.

How Are Dr. Marty Dog Food Products Different from Others?

On the market, you can find a lot of dog food. However, most of those products have additives that can be bad for your dog’s health. Dr. Marty Dog Food includes only natural ingredients, and there are no bad additives used during its preparation. 

The concentration of natural ingredients made of smooth material formation makes this formula genuinely unique. Freeze-dried dog food is a formula that is packed with nutrients. Dogs who get this kind of food are healthier, which also makes them happier. 

Thanks to mixing meat with fruits and vegetables, Dr. Marty Dog Food has created varied and balanced meals for dogs. With these products, you can be sure that your dogs get all the nutrition they need. 

Standard formulas from this line are beneficial for your pet’s health. However, if your dog is ill, you should reach for separate formulas, especially for pets who need extra care. Also, those special meals were certified by dog care experts. 

You may wonder what makes this food so beneficial for your pet. Dr. Marty Dog Food connects ingredients that are needed to boost the immune system of your dog. 

In Dr. Marty Dog Food products, you are not going to find any canned food, but don’t worry, all meals are nutritious, without additives, yet super easy to prepare. You only need to mix a particular amount of Nature’s Blend with the suggested part of water. The portion of the formula depends on the weight of your pet. 

Dr. Marty Dog Food is gently frozen, thanks to which your dogs can always enjoy a fresh, tasty, and nutritious meal that helps your animal to fight against various infections and diseases. 

Is Dr. Marty Dog Food Easily Accessible?

Dr. Marty Dog Food gives you a chance to feed your pet a delicious and nutritious meal. Even though the ingredients are natural, it doesn’t mean that it’s hard to get this food for your pet whenever you need it. Thanks to advanced technologies used in production, buying Dr. Marty’s Dog food is an easy task almost everywhere. 

If you cannot find the food in your area’s stores, you should consider purchasing food directly from Dr. Marty’s website. The whole process is very simple. You just have to fill out the form on the website, giving your details. You pick the payment method, and pay in advance, and then add the delivery details. 

My Dog Is Old. Is Dr. Marty Formula Good for My Pet?

Dr. Marty wants to give pets the best food, regardless of breed, age, or health status. This is why there are various recipes used in formulas, which is why you can easily find food that is going to meet all your pet’s needs. 

How Long Does the Food Last?

The longevity of Dr. Marty’s Food formulas depends on various factors. If you order the food for an ill pet, you might not have a need to continue using it for longer. Often the pets get better after two or three doses. 

Facing the customers’ needs, Dr. Marty offers various sizes of sachets. You also have an option to send back the food. To do so, you can contact Dr. Marty through the details added on the website. 

How to Prepare the Formula

When it comes to preparing Dr. Marty Dog Food, it might be a bit different from what you are used to. In the case of most of the food, you just pour it into a bowl from a box or tin, and that’s it. 

In the case of the formula, it takes a bit more hassle. 

You have to prepare the right amount of formula, considering your dog’s weight. After that, you break it into pieces and add tepid water. Be sure that you always serve food and water for your dog in a non-toxic dish. 

You have to let the food soak for about three minutes. After that, mix the formula with a spoon until you get the right consistency. 

The water that you use for the formula doesn’t change the nutrition in the food. However, if your tap water is not good, you might consider using bottled water. If your dog prefers dry food, you can also serve Dr. Marty Formula in that form. 

Advantages of Dr. Marty Dog Food

  • Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed offers tailored nutrition for your pet’s needs.
  • With Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed, you can be confident that your dog is getting the best possible food quality with natural ingredients and no artificial additives.
  • The natural vitamins and minerals in Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed help keep your dog healthy. In addition, they energized for more extended periods.
  • By using Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed, you can rest assured that your pup will have a balanced diet full of essential nutrients they need to stay happy and active throughout their life stage.
  • With Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed, you can trust that your pup is getting a complete meal plan with all-natural ingredients designed to meet their dietary requirements while providing them with optimal nutrition they need every day.
  • Feeding your pup Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed ensures that they receive the necessary proteins and fats needed for muscle growth without any added sugars or fillers, which are common in other commercial brands.
  • The unique blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics found in Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed helps boost immunity levels while promoting a healthy digestive system and overall health benefits for dogs of all ages and breeds alike!
  • Studies have shown that feeding pets the proper balance of nutrient-rich foods like those found in the Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed line may result in better overall physical conditions such as healthier teeth & gums as well as improved coat texture & shine!
  • All products from the expanded line of Dr Marty Dog Foods are carefully formulated by certified animal nutritionists who consider nutritional needs specific to each breed type – making it perfect for owners who prioritize their pet’s health above all else!
  • What’s more? You can feel good about giving your furry family member the best – knowing you’re investing in top-quality products from the trusted name behind the famous line of ‘Dr Marty dog food exposed’!


The guarantee that your pet gets the best is very important. Dr. Marty gives a 100% warranty that the food is made only from verified and allowed ingredients. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your pet gets the best quality and has a healthy and nutritious diet. 

When pet medical professionals have licensed the food, you can be sure that you feed your pet with the best. There are also no side effects reported, probably because all the ingredients are of good quality and natural. 

Money-Back Program 

When you are not sure if your pet is going to like the new food or are worried that you might not see any effects, the best option is to test a new food. Dr. Marty gives all customers a chance to test food, and if your dog doesn’t like it or you don’t notice any results, he is going to give you a full refund. 

The only thing you have to do is send back an unused portion within three months.


Pets vary, so their food should too. When you find the perfect food for your dog, you most probably wouldn’t like to change the brand because there isn’t a product that would suit your pet’s new needs. Thanks to various recipes and formulas, Dr. Marty Dog Food can offer all the best for your dog, no matter the health state or age. 

Natural Blend 

It’s quite hard to find a dog food that has only natural ingredients. Dr. Marty Dog Food offers a formula that includes only non-chemical components. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your dog doesn’t get anything that could be bad or even toxic for its organism. 

It’s clear that the company has their principles and believes in them. In Dr. Marty’s line, you can’t find any canned food or traditional kibble.

Disadvantages of Dr. Marty Dog Food

Preparation Time

In the beginning, getting used to the fact that serving food takes a bit more than 30 seconds can be challenging. Yet, the extra time you need to prepare food for your furry friend is nothing compared to the amazing benefits that your dog is going to get. 

Adaptation Process 

If your dog is used to high processed food, it might take a while for it to change its dietary habits. Remember that a freeze-dried, raw diet is something new for them and their bodies. If the transition process is made too soon, it can lead to “gut shock”. 

To not overwhelm the organism of your furry friend, you should slowly transition to the raw diet. While the nutrients enclosed in Dr. Marty Formula are very healthy and good for your dog, they can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. 

For the first three days, try to replace around 1/4 of the old food with Dr. Marty’s formula. Starting from day four till six, you should swap half of the old food with formula. From then till day nine, swap around 3/4 of the old food with formula, and after 10 days, serve the meal made entirely out of the formula. 

Always remember to mix the food evenly, so your dog cannot pick only the old food. Again, this process can take some extra time and attention but giving your dog all the best is worth it. 

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best, nutritious, yet natural food for your dog, Dr. Marty Dog Food is a great choice. Many happy users can confirm that the formulas are very beneficial on various levels. Countless positive reviews on the online store or even on TrustPilot can serve as proof. Its effectiveness surprises even pet health experts. After a short use, you can notice that your pet has more energy, is healthier, and its fur shines. 

This formula is rich in fat and proteins, with a moderated level of carbohydrates. Thanks to technologies that allow food to stay raw, it’s packed with nutrients, and as it’s the closest diet to the one that their ancestors had, it’s much easier for them to get all the nutrients they need. 

Whatever is the breed of your dog, you can easily use this product. Even though the transition process from previous food to the Dr. Marty Dog Food formula might take a while, it’s definitely worth it. 

What are the benefits of Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed?

Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed is formulated with natural ingredients and provides optimal nutrition for your pet. It contains high-quality proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to help keep your dog healthy and active.

How can I tell if Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed suits my dog?

You should consult your veterinarian before switching to any new food product, including Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed. Your vet can advise whether it would benefit your pup's specific needs and lifestyle.

Is Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed safe for all breeds?

Yes! All of the ingredients used in Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed have been carefully selected to provide a balanced diet suitable for all breeds of dogs, regardless of size or age.

Are there any special precautions I should take when feeding my dog Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed?

As with any food product, you must follow the directions provided on the package to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your pup – this will ensure they get the correct amount each day, so they stay healthy and happy!
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