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We are excited to introduce our new electric models with trailblazing E-Bike Technology available on our upcoming IndieGoGo Program. As part of our pre-launch, we invite you to subscribe directly to our campaign to be notified when our campaign goes live. The first 100 get the first delivery of our new E-Bikes. As leading innovators of Fat Tire Electric Bikes since 2013, we have used the input of our customers to design patent-pending features no other E-Bike Manufacturer has to give you more power, torque, speed, and distance per charge at less than our competitors! Subscribe for Updates

More Power, Torque, Speed, and Distance For Less Than Our Competitors. Our new full-size bikes boast 2900 Peak Watts, 2640 Watt-Hours, and Bafang Dual Motors as well as 3 batteries to take you 97 miles in distance at top speeds of 38-40 mph. Choose from full suspension E2-Terminator or front suspension and hardtail on our E2-Grizzly. Our folding E2-Buffalo is a 2 battery system and boasts 2900 Peak Watts, 1680 Watt-Hours, and Badang Dual Motors to take you 67 miles in distance at top speeds of 38-40 mph. Other key features include: Two 1450-Watt Bafang Motors and two 30-amp controllers, these dual-motor electric bikes will reach a speed of 38 to 40 MPH and have between the two motors 200 NM of Torque. The Battery Output has a BMS of 50 – 60 amps. With 2640 Watt-Hours, real-life testing shows a distance per charge of 97 miles. A patent-pending, solid state switching system to change between the three batteries.ThermoTRX Battery Protection System: Batteries that are equipped with heat strips to maintain optimal temperature, (above freezing), for charging and discharging, extending the batteries longevity.GenerTRX Power Generation System: using Disc Brake Rotor Rotating with Magnets and Coils for a constant charge into your Lithium-Ion Battery increasing your distance mathematically by 30% – 50%.All manufactured parts for bicycles and e-bikes use 15-5 Stainless Steel on bolts, nuts, and screws, which rust. See our examples. UltraTRX Electric Bikes is the only manufacturer that takes the time to pull and replace every bolt, screw, or nut possible with 18-8 Marine Grade Stainless Steel which will never ever rust. That is why our Electric Bikes will last forever.Compare our E-Bikes with major competitors,
and we are sure you’ll agree ours come out on top!
Compare E-Bikes

2900w E2-Buffalo
Dual Motor, 2-Battery
Folding Bike
$3795Download Specs

2900w E2-Grizzly
Dual Motor, 3-Battery
Front Suspension

$3995Download Specs

Dual Motor, 3-Battery
Full Suspension

$4395Download Specs

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