6 real-world applications for hunting over small spreads.

Greeting Duck Hunting Fanatics! Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to get out and hunt!

I’ll keep today short and sweet with 6 situations to hunt ducks with small spreads.

1. Field Geese

If you place your spread in an “X” pattern, you’ll be setup for a solid day. The strategy behind hunting them with small spread is to give the appearance you were the first group to land in that spot. This become especially important later in the season with the geese are skiddish of bigger groups. Your small spread will give them a much different look and coax them right in.

2. Geese Over Water

Toss 4-6 Candian’s out with your spread on a smaller pond. This is where geese tend to relax in the middle of the day around 9am – 10am. Some light calling with a few well placed decoys will bring them in.

3. Wood Ducks

Wood ducks are tough to decoy because they usually do whatever they’re feeling that day. You can usually get them to land a little closer to the end of your gun if you’re hunting a roost pond later in the day.

4. Bluewing and Greenwing Teal

The early season is tough becuase you have to be in the exact spot the ducks are landing. As the season progresses, Teal tend to swing by and land where they find other teal. A small spread is usually enough to at least get them to cruise by.

5. Small Waters

Small waters, IE: beaver ponds, spring creeks, holes in the ice, or other small waters where the ducks want to land are all great opportunities for a “sixer”. Don’t underestimate small waters if the ducks are dropping in regularly.

6. Public Areas

In public areas you truly have to do your homework in scouting. The key is here to find hidden holes the ducks will resort to when shooting heats up over big water. This could be a small opening within thick cattails, a wide opening in a stream that runs into the marsh or a nearby pond. Try pairing a few hens and drakes together in a way that makes them look safe and relaxed. Keep the calling light and comforting.
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Have a great weekend!

Shoot straight and keep on huntin’,
Eric McMillan
co-founder, Duck Hunting Fanatics

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